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COLORPLUS Birdy3 Exclusive Series

COLORPLUS Birdy3 Exclusive Series      COLORPLUS獨家限定版 P […] Read more

COLORPLUS Titanium Handlebar 鈦手把

Why should you choose a titanium handlebar for your bik […] Read more

Brompton Hinge Clamp Set 小布C扣旋鈕套件

COLORPLUS products are not only beautiful, but also be […] Read more

BRS01 Brompton Rear Suspension 小布後避震

The BRS01 Brompton Rear Suspension: structure more comp […] Read more

BS03 Birdy Suspension 第三代Birdy避震

Much thanks for Colorplus fans supportting. The previou […] Read more


COLORPLUS Titanium Seatpost 鈦座管

COLORPLUS 鈦座管是品牌設計總監歐一民先生經過長時間親身使用測試,耗費兩年的嘔心之作。嶄新的造型,藝術 […] Read more

【BHW05_20″ Carbon Wheelset】碟鳥專用20吋(406)碳纖輪組

【BHW05_20″ Carbon Wheelset】was born for Disc Bird […] Read more