COLORPLUS Titanium Handlebar 鈦手把

Why should you choose a titanium handlebar for your bike ?
為什麼要幫您的愛車選用鈦手把 ?BHB01-1600x1200-6

When riding a bicycle, the vibration generated by the car coming into contact with the ground will eventually pass to the end of the frame, and all the vibration energy will be released at the end. Causes the rider’s palm to be sore or paralyzed, hip pain, water bottle sprayed off, etc.

The advantages of titanium alloy: stable, rust resistant, and difficult to accumulate metal fatigue. It can suppress the instability caused by the vibration absorption at the end of the frame in the vibration of the road surface, and provide a comfortable riding experience.

◎The Reasons to choose Titanium alloy as your handlebar :
– Corrosion Resistance
– Immune to the usual kinds of Metal Fatigue
– Comfortable, smooth riding experience with the reduced vibration
– 耐腐蝕性
– 抗金屬疲勞
– 減少振動,增進舒適平穩的騎行體驗


【Ø25.4mm Titanium Handlebar 】   圓徑 Ø25.4mm鈦手把
◎ Three lengths of straight type 直式手把有三種長度
– BRHB01 : length 520mm
– BHB01 : length 540mm / 560mm
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【Ø31.8mm Titanium Handlebar】    圓徑 Ø31.8mm 鈦手把
BHB02 Straight Handlebar – Comes in 2 Lengths – 540mm / 560mm
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【M-type Brompton Handlebar】   BRHB02_M 小布鈦M把
– The material is from the highest purity sponge titanium. 材料取自最高純度的海綿鈦
– The one-piece bent pipe has no welding  一體成形彎管、無焊接
– There is no problem of residual internal stress.   無內應力殘留的問題
– Passed ISO 4210 City Bike ‘the metal fatigue durability test’  通過ISO 4210 City Bike 金屬疲勞的耐久測試
– Suitable for fitting length 130mm grips.  適合130mm長的握把

BRHB02M_20180816 (6)
We choose the most advanced material of the highest purity sponge titanium. Then check the product with high standards of rigorous testing.
BRHB02M_20180816 (33)
COLORPLUS M-type Titanium Handlebar has been developed since last August, and it has finally completed the one-piece elbow. Then it has been in repeated tests.  The manufacturer continually modified the samples, and sent them for tests.

A total of 10 samples were damaged during the tests. 2 pcs were broken through SGS testing. After a series of challenges, the new Handlebar was finally born.
BHB02M20180724 (15)
The one-piece bent pipe has no welding. There’s no problem of residual internal stress.
【BRHB02_M】 had been passed ISO 4210 City Bike – the metal fatigue durability test
通過ISO 4210 City Bike 金屬疲勞的耐久測試。
It’s applicble for length 130mm grips.  可安裝各式130mm長的握把,
Matching the original brake lever very well.  絕佳的長度及角度,配合小布的原廠煞/變把。
The grips will not touch the ground when folded. 握把在小布收合後完全離地。
BRHB02M_20180816 (20)20180403_053046520_iOS 20180403_053631448_iOS
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