An expected Journey to Mt. Fuji 期待已久的富士山之旅

2017 June, in order to participate ‘Mt. Fuji Hill Climb’, we arranged a trip from 09 to 13.


2017Fuji (41)2017Fuji (42)

Day 1 : The first stop is Tokyo. We had great urban sightseeing and shopping.

2017Fuji (44)2017Fuji (10)2017Fuji (9)

2017Fuji (7)2017Fuji (1)2017Fuji (453)2017Fuji (446)

2017Fuji (2)2017Fuji (52)

Then go to Kawaguchi-ko where we stay. Kawaguchi-ko is located in the border Fujikawaguchiko and Minobu, southern Yamanashi Prefecture near Mount Fuji, Japan.

2017Fuji (62)2017Fuji (66)

2017Fuji (67)2017Fuji (65)2017Fuji (63)

Day 2 : Cycling around lakes near Mt. Fuji: Kawaguchi-ko, Motosu-ko, Sai-ko, Shōji-ko

2017Fuji (71)2017Fuji (77)2017Fuji (73)2017Fuji (80)

2017Fuji (77)2017Fuji (79)2017Fuji (86)2017Fuji (89)

2017Fuji (109)

2017Fuji (123)2017Fuji (118)

2017Fuji (131)

2017Fuji (105)2017Fuji (107)2017Fuji (94)2017Fuji (146)

The five lakes are located in an arc around the northern half of Mount Fuji. In ancient times, lava flow from a volcanic eruption of Mount Fuji spread across the area, damming up rivers and resulting in the formation of these lakes. They are all considered excellent tourist attractions and fishing spots. Fuji Five Lakes was selected as one of the Twenty-Five Winning Sites of Japan in 1927.

2017Fuji (135)2017Fuji (145)

2017Fuji (141)2017Fuji (151)2017Fuji (138)

2017Fuji (172)2017Fuji (167)

Day 3 : 2017-June-11 ‘Mt. Fuji Hill Climb’

2017Fuji (177)2017Fuji (178)2017Fuji (179)2017Fuji (181)

It is the largest hill climb race in Japan that will celebrate 14th this year. Over than 10,000 riders in this event.

2017Fuji (192)2017Fuji (188)2017Fuji (193)

There’re few small wheel bikes. We rode Colorplus Golden Birdy3 were eye-cathing.

2017Fuji (182)2017Fuji (187)2017Fuji (185)

2017Fuji (203)2017Fuji (196)

Rode along the beautiful with fresh air.

2017Fuji (200)2017Fuji (198)2017Fuji (204)

2017Fuji (209)2017Fuji (205)

2017Fuji (208)2017Fuji (212)

We really enjoyed in this wonderful ride! As a dream come true!

2017Fuji (215)2017Fuji (216)2017Fuji (214)2017Fuji (217)

2017Fuji (225)2017Fuji (238)2017Fuji (220)2017Fuji (261)2017Fuji (237)2017Fuji (249)2017Fuji (252)

The organizer’s plan was complete. From the depature to the end of the game, orderly and safe. Worth participating!2017Fuji (244)2017Fuji (274)2017Fuji (273)2017Fuji (255)

2017Fuji (282)位於五合目海拔2305m的富士山登山紀念


這次還帶了國旗來,因為我們想要自信的告訴大家:我們來自台灣!COLORPLUS by O-dot Design. We’re from Taiwan!



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七月, 06, 2017