COLORPLUS Titanium Seatpost 鈦座管


COLORPLUS 鈦座管是品牌設計總監歐一民先生經過長時間親身使用測試,耗費兩年的嘔心之作。嶄新的造型,藝術家級的雷射雕刻,重量級改裝精品。座管頭採用64鈦合金,強度無庸置疑,騎士的體重120kg也可以輕鬆駕馭。

‘COLORPLUS Titanium Seatpost’ — Beautiful design and added functionality. New styling, artist-grade laser engraving. The brand design Director, MR. Ou spent two years work and personally tested. There are no issues on tensile strength at 120kg of rider’s weight.

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The advantages of titanium alloys: Stability, Corrosion resistance, Resistant to metal fatigue. It’s light yet as strong as steel. It also had the bonus of dampening road vibrations and providing additional riding comfort.

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Another feature: The integrated saddle clamp replaces the need for an Brompton penta clip. This increased the rigidity and comfort of the seatpost. It also makes it much easier to adjust the saddle to your desired position and angle.
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‘COLORPLUS Titanium Seatpost’ Features:
– Seatpost head made of Ti-6AI-4V
– Maximum rider’s weight 120kg
– Working with + offset / – offset
– Precise angle adjustment without the limit of the traditional seatpost with a toothed clamp
– Light yet as strong as steel
– Comfortable, smooth riding experience with the reduced vibration
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黑鈦則是經過微弧氧化處理(Micro-arc oxidationMAO),使金屬表面產生一層傳統草酸/硫酸陽極無法形成的陶瓷氧化層。微弧氧化處理過程中,微電漿弧存續時間極短,其溫度卻高達數千度,所形成的金屬氧化物層與基體呈冶金熔合,具有很高的結合強度;此陶瓷層除了耐腐蝕、耐磨耗的特性外,亦具有高硬度、膜厚均勻、疲勞強度、尺寸精確及耐溫等物性需求。

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‘Black Titanium’ by Micro-arc oxidation, MAO process, as we usually called ceramic plating. The coating is a chemical conversion of the substrate metal into its oxide, and grows both inwards and outwards from the original metal surface. Because it grows inward into the substrate, it has excellent adhesion to the substrate metal. A wide range of substrate alloys can be coated, including all wrought aluminum alloys and most cast alloys, although high levels of silicon can reduce coating quality.
The compact ceramic coating with excellent properties:
– Wear resistance
– Corrosion resistance
– High temperature shock
– Electronic insulation

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Birdy Seatpost :
– With an aluminum extrusion base, to make birdy stand steady and stable in folding.
– Different height of aluminum base : for 18-inch / 20-inch wheels.
– With a protective bushing, enhanced friction within the bundle, while reducing the seat post of scratching.

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